Investment Profile

We have extensive hands-on industrial experience and a vast network in our target segments including retired executives, family entrepreneurs and local banks and lenders providing us with deal flow and detailed knowledge of target markets and potential acquisition targets.

We are seeking to acquire non-strategic assets with know-how and technology driven profiles.

Targeting industrial small cap’s in

  • Clean Tech
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Electronics

Focusing down stream the value chain

  • Avoiding capital intense low margin bulk businesses
SSC Investment Profile
  • turnover around €5-50 million
  • small cap transactions
  • growth potential
  • international expansion potential
  • re-structuring and improvement potential
Operational foot print
  • good market position
  • solid customer base or customer acquisition potential
  • potential to achieve a national / international market leadership
  • good product portfolio – expansion and development potential
  • good product development orientation
  • good manufacturing know-how
Financial structure
  • Cash management / liquidity improvement potential
  • re-capitalization need
  • re-financing need
  • situation of change / transitional change
  • unresolved business succession
  • upcoming change in strategy
  • core business profitability challenge
  • secondary, need of ownership change