Acquiring Private Companies

SSC seeks to acquire non-strategic private sector companies

  • Family-owned industrial companies
  • Companies in need of development and/or restructuring
  • Companies on banks’ balance sheets
  • Institutional and individual sellers with liquidity issues
  • Private equity investors seeking exits
  • Secondary funds
  • Network of the GP and the Advisor
  • Intermediaries

SSC is an experienced investor in its target markets

  • Long industrial and financial experience
  • Networked throughout the continent
  • Multilingual and multicultural

Multicultural orientation is a strategic advantage

  • Sourcing investments
  • Penetrating new geographic market
  • In preparation for exits

Active Ownership – Strong Operations…

Target Industries and Segments

SSC has a good understanding of its target industries and the ability to:

  • Craft tailored strategies based on operational and financial solutions
  • Evaluate operational risks and the potential in a wide range of industries
  • Apply its operational experience contributing to a stronger acquisition – operations – exit performance

Target Companies

SSC manages operational aspects and evaluate risks and potential of:

  • Markets and competitors
  • Sales organisations
  • Product and IP portfolios
  • R&D teams and product development programmes
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain structures

Financial leverage of Industrial operations

SSC has knowledge and operative experience to:

  • Determine the level of financial leverage a business can sustain over a macro economic cycle

Buy and Build expansion strategies

SSC has the resources to execute expansion strategies through:

  • A team of financially competent industrialists with a stronger operational than financial profile
  • Strong and wide industrial networks developed over the years by team members and through networks
  • Own entrepreneurial experiences gives credibility in approaching acquisition targets

Active Ownership – Operational Value Creation

SSC builds financial returns and creates value through operational strength.

Strong Operational Performance – Reduced Leverage

Traditionally, many investors have relied too heavily on leverage and financial engineering to generate value. SSC will partially substitute leverage with:
(1) better planned and managed acquisitions,
(2) strength to create operational change and value through stronger hands-on industrial management.