A Hybrid Industrial & Financial Investor

We are competent and experienced in all aspects of private ownership:

  • Acquisition process – deal sourcing, target selection, due diligence, negotiation and closing of a deal.
  • Active Ownership – active hands-on implementation of business development and operational strategies.
  • Exit strategy – successful exits require successful target selection, active ownership, understanding of exit industry/market and pre-acquisition identified potential buyers.

We offer our investment partners:

  • Deal flow – we have a continuously up-dated data base of potential acquisition targets.
  • Both financial and industrial investors to participate as co-investors at market terms.
  • To be their potential buyer and exit partner in co-investments already at the acquisition stage.

We are a suitable:

  • Off-take partner for PE funds and industrials looking to carve-out/spin-off non strategic assets.
  • Partner for families seeking a long term industrial buyer of or co-investor in their family business.
  • Partner for banks and other lenders who are seeking an off-take partner for assets under their control.